Lynda Schlosberg

Interwoven  Not Just Individuals  Downstream  The Heart of the Matter  Entangled With You  Cloud of Souls  Breeding Ground  Gathering Momentum  Conscious Web  Cloud of Souls  Streaming 3  Shifting Tide  Streaming 2  Streaming 1  Shadows Emerging 2  The Field  The Field  Confidence in Nonsense  Ecstasy of Unity  Shifting Potential  Point of Departure  Not Here, Not There  Always Pulling  Forever Becoming  Coalesce  Constellate  Entwine  Interfuse  Through  Over  Under  Around  Reweaving 4  Reweaving 3  Reweaving 2  Reweaving 1  Release  Disturbance of Perfect Randomness  Pivoting  Moving Forces  Future Dreams  Frequencies Rising  Blending Frequencies  Into the Vortex  Subatomic Flux  As Within, So Without  Subtle Influences at Play  Eternal  Everlasting  Perfect Unfolding  Resonance  Re-routing Lateral Frequencies  In Transition  In Search of Home  Ripple in the Field  Across the Veil  As Above, So Below  Derivative  Allowance  Point of Attraction  Vortex  Diffraction  Entanglement  Tendency to Exist  In Between  Avatar 1  Consequent  Amalgamation  Falling  After  Matrix 10  Matrix 9  Matrix 4 v2  Alpine Confluence  Glacial Matrix  Revisted  Volcanic Mangrove  Arctic Desert  matrix 8  Matrix 7  matrix 6  Matrix 5  Matrix 4  Matrix 3